Monday 16 January 2017

Photos from the Tshuapa and Equateur Provinces

Bridge crossing

Crocodiles for sale at the Mbandaka market

bridge broken - we crossed with our motorbikes in a double dug-out canoe

solar panels are increasing used 

civil servants lack modern technology - but not good will
Church in Lukolela

Airstrip Djolu


selling salt and soap

empty plastic bottles for sale

sending casava and corn alcohol (lotoko) to Mbandada (the jugs return full of petrol, then refilled with lotoko)

bridge crossing

Ohio State Buckeyes

Boston Celtics

Steel cables for hunting snares

Kids have to grow up young

Flat screen TVs and battery acid from Butembo
Leading a blind man

Village school Nyongji

Lomako Reserve - ICCN ranger trudges through inundated forest in flip flops

African Wildlike Fund has supplanted the MPR Flame monument

Confiscated game and gun, Monkoto, Salonga National Park

Batwa village near Bikoro

Rubber harvesting

Humans are only human

Territorial agent, Gombe, Equateur Province

Dug-out canoes for sale