Thursday, 22 December 2011

Congo Elections Open New Wounds

"An incumbent entourage that is likely to continue pillaging the country's resources opposes an aged runner-up with a political ego larger than his capacity to propose a constructive political agenda."

"Europe and the US have relatively little leverage over President Joseph Kabila because DR Congo has the natural resources that the world needs."

"Mr Tshisekedi is not going to bow down to Mr Kabila or be shoehorned into a power-sharing arrangement."
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  1. Congolese know that Kabila is not the right President for them. Since he has been "reelected", he's kept silence!Many people are working in the government for free, including police officers, they are not paid! These holidays were very sad for most people. I hope Kabila will try to change his politic. Working for America and Europe should not prevent him from doing what he is supposed to do for the population.