Monday 21 November 2011

Theodore Trefon speaks with BBC News: "Failed state: can DR Congo recover"

As the Democratic Republic of Congo prepares for just its second general elections in four decades on 28 November, BBC News spoke with Trefon on whether whether this failed state, still recovering from a war which led to an estimated four million deaths, can ever be rebuilt.

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  1. Hi, the article was interesting and it confirmed what I wrote in my overview about the trials to split the DRC up:
    Loránd Szabó: The fear of the splitting up of the Democratic Republic of the Congo In: Tarrósy, István - Szabó, Loránd - Hyden, Goran (Eds.): The African State in a Changing Global Context: Breakdowns and Transformations. LIT Verlag, Berlin, 2011: 117-132.

    But the four million deaths during 1997-2002 are seemingly a mediatic exageration repeated also in the beginning of the BBC article (it was even less than half a million, which is, of course still a huge number):
    Holman, Michael – Mills, Greg: Tainted Data Hide the Cost of Africa’s Upheavals. Financial, May 24 2009.