Sunday, 20 November 2011

Kabila condemned by UK MP, Eric Joyce

British MP Eric Joyce, chair of the UK Parliament Great Lakes of Africa Group, has just released a devastating report. It details Kabila’s systematic pillaging of Congo’s resources. Kabila and his friends are the beneficiaries – the Congolese people are the big losers. The government sells state-owned mining assets to shady business partners based in the British Virgin Islands.

Joyce documents a strategy that has already resulted in the loss of $5.5 billion – 'Powerful evidence proves that the natural resources of the Congo are not being used as a legitimate source of revenue for the people. Instead, a series of complex arrangements between their own government and various BVI shell companies means that a few are enriched at the terrible cost of the many.'

copyright Eric Joyce

Read the full report:


  1. les pays occidentaux ont le devoir de faire partir kabila comme ils l'ont fait avec kadafi.kabila tue et pille le congo et personne ne parle. le belge louis michel qui l'avait mis au pouvoir ne dit rien

  2. Mr Eric Joyce,

    Please help DR Congo get rid of this Kabila. Like your countrymate Edmund D Morel help get rid of King Leopold 2 Who killed more than 5 million in Congo in the 19th century. Congoleses are weak to help themselves.

    Al- Toronto Canada.

  3. Thank you so much for your report Sir Joyce, May God bless you and family. Truth for DRcongo and its citizens has been blended quit long, we know now that Congolese lives and wealth has been vandalised by so called governement.
    Hope justice will be done for DRCongo very soon.


  5. Thans you very much Sir The Congo will never forget you...