Wednesday 18 May 2011

Moïse Katumbi says goodbye - really?

Future ex-governor, Moïse Katumbi
Not many Congolese political leaders leave office voluntarily. The charismatic governor of Katanga (and multi-millionaire businessman!) just set an example by declaring he will not run for office in the upcoming elections. In a country were political authorities do practically nothing for people, the slightest effort is widely acclaimed. Katumbi is described as a mix between Chavez and Berlusconi.

It is not easy to connect the dots in his declarations. He complained of being unable to accomplish his development projects for the mineral-rich province because Kinshasa did not allow provinces to retain the much disputed 40% tax base that was stipulated in the Constitution. This is a direct criticism of Kinshasa politics – la kinoiserie. At the same time, he urged the population to register to vote and support Joseph Kabila whose campaign he funded in 2006.
Officially he wants to devote his efforts to his business activities and his champion football team T.P. Mazembe.

Katumbi will certainly resurface as a populist political avatar - reculer pour mieux sauter.


  1. This is a comment from a native from Katanga.
    I left the Congo for a long time ago.
    I am very happy with the work of the governor Moïse Katumbi Chapwe.
    Before I left the Congo I was working as national expert for transport infrastructure in Kinshasa. Since the end of the Free Katanga State nothing was build in the province.
    Moïse Katumbi´s family did a lot for the province of Katanga even the time President Mobutu with the strong support of western countries missmanaged the country.
    Everything Moïse did should be appreciated.
    Now to another question, the province of Katanga is entitled to retain 40% of its resources. This is stipulated in the constitution. I personally think that the people in Katanga who has been working hard in order to contribute positively to the state budget should be given the opportunity to use a part of the local production for the development of the province instead of waiting only on international financial aid.
    It would be a good idea for the World Bank and the IMF to encourage an economic policy for growth taking into account the effort in more productive areas. Otherwise, everybody will end up doing nothing for national development.

  2. I do business in Katanga and the gains made by Moise are extra ordinary...Katangees will reign on him to stand again,am sure of that

  3. Bunch of liars the only reason Moise Katumbi leaves the office is because he was pressured by his boss Joseph Kabila who want to replace him by his own brother Zoe Kabila to cover the 10billion
    tekefugurume deal. Wacth out !!!!!!

  4. ^Moîse Katumbi is the one people in Katanga want to have as governor because of his actions.
    The inhabitants know who he is, what he did in the past and what he is able to achieve in the future.
    The people in Katanga would like to be master of their future after Mobutu´s rule.
    The katangese population, including all the people living in the province, will continue to work for the development of the Congo, especially with all the Congolese who want to work, but not those who have always destroyed the equipment for development in the country.

    Please, leave the province of Katanga in peace!