Tuesday 3 May 2016

Endorsements for Congo's Environmental Paradox

 Thank you Ed, Daniel, Crawford, David, Tom and Jeroen.

‘Congo’s Environmental Paradox is a fascinating read, giving a no-nonsense view of the multitude of problems besetting Congo’s natural resource sectors, how they affect ordinary people’s daily lives and how well-meaning donor initiatives are often intrinsically flawed. The book puts today’s problems into historical perspective and will serve as a reality-check to politicians and activists.’
Daniel Balint-Kurti, Global Witness

‘An invaluable contribution … the succinct and sparkling summation of the key elements of the political economy is most useful. The author’s capacity to convey a rich treasure chest of information and acute analytical skills make this a landmark work.’
Crawford Young, University of Wisconsin

‘Most studies of natural resources and development delve into the details sector by sector. Linkages to violence, politics and state-building are treated separately for different resources. This eloquent and richly documented book focuses attention on the connections, and on the global forces adding complexity to these interactions and altering the political economy of possible change.’
David Booth, Overseas Development Institute

‘This remarkable, fact-filled study will undoubtedly rank as required reading for anyone with an interest in the DRC – whether for specialists or for the general reader. Following his Congo Masquerade, this should confirm Trefon’s standing as one of the most perceptive observers and analysts of that central African giant.’
Edouard Bustin, Boston University

‘The first successful attempt to take stock of emerging trends in Congo’s natural resource sectors. Well-written, clearly structured and thoroughly documented, Trefon offers fresh analysis on the gap between resource potential and socio-economic development.’
Jeroen Cuvelier, University of Ghent

‘A remarkable guide to the tangled relationships between minerals, water and other sectors of the political economy in the Congo. It goes beyond slogans such as “rich land, poor people” to explain how the rich get richer while the poor struggle to survive. Indispensable reading for humanitarians and human rights advocates, both Congolese and international.’
Tom Turner, author of The Congo Wars: Conflict, Myth and Reality


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